Collquium is a rapidly growing company working with a focus on delivering solutions to the Federal Government that are created the open source way. Our employees are recognized by the industry for their award-winning, innovative solutions that solve some of the most challenging problems.

At Colloquium, we offer our employees competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package, a flexible work environment, and engaging projects. We believe that every good work technology solution starts by "scratching a personal itch" and we provide company support to work on your personal projects.

Our desire is to create a company that is part of a larger community of practice and promotes open collaboration across company barriers.


Our employees advocate open environments and seek areas where we can effect the most positive change. We evangelize the use of open source and open architecture solutions to our clients, at conferences, and within our personal and professional communities.


Our employees thrive in collaborative environments. We seek to engage our peers to learn and share new techniques -- both inside and outside our corporate walls. We work to educate our clients on the value and benefits of openness and transparency in systems development and management.


We work with clients to efficiently and effectively accelerate systems delivery while maximizing existing resources whenever possible. Our goal is to deliver functioning systems as quickly as possible. We strive to lower the barriers to entry for many IT projects and rapidly deliver solutions in a short, iterative manner. Agility is our goal and we practice the mantra of "Release Early. Release Often."

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We're always looking for passionate system adminstrators, software developers, general IT professionals, and fellow open source advocates. If this captures your passions and describes your ideal company, we want to hear from you.

Submit your resume to us at: and our staff will evaluate your resume and get back to you.